Better together: How IT and marketing benefit as a team thanks to a template system

How a template system supports your success: Have you ever ended up in a situation, where single corporate departments work completely separately and build self-contained organizational units? In the reality of everyday business, this is unfortunately often the case.

One the one hand, there is the IT department. Its goal is to provide a maximum support of business processes with the help of IT systems. IT projects are diligently planned on a long-term basis and it ensures that the company operates in a both time- and cost-efficient way. Creative chaos and spontaneous requests for changes cause difficulties in IT projects and are therefore often met with resistance.

On the other hand, there is the marketing team. Creativity and short-term reactions on market requirements form the daily agenda of a marketing representative. In this field of expertise, external effects are of utmost importance, whereas the (technical) realization in the background is relatively irrelevant, as long as everything works smoothly.

Does IT vs. marketing form an obstacle for companies?

In light of these viewpoints, it is not suprising that corporate marketing and IT teams do not always operate in line with each other. Both IT and marketing put emphasis on the user or end consumer, but their perspective, however, often varies. Different requirements by the respective departments are often met with a lack of understanding by the other party. The goal is the same, whereas the directions for reaching the goal are sometimes contrary.

Most projects are executed across departments and a business success is never defined by the separate success of each single department. Teamwork is a must, which is why initiating cooperation and teamwork across departments form a main task for the corporate management.

A company can only be truly successful when all employees, teams and departments interact with each other. A good example for ventures demanding a high level of cooperation are corporate identity projects. For marketing, the outer perspective is key. An appealing design, as well as its recognition value are essential for a perfect presentation of the company on all marketing materials and at corporate events. The main focus is – rightly so – on the optic effects, whereas the usability is oftentimes not considered.

Problems of a one-sided perspective in CI projects

A one-sided perspective can lead to unexpected problems in a company’s daily agenda:

  • Employees have difficulties to correctly display the standardized CI on all corporate documents (letters, presentations, spreadsheets, email signatures, contracts, posters…). Errors are constantly occurring.
  • CI changes can only be executed by IT or an external supplier at a great expenditure regarding costs and/or staff.
  • The process of updating corporate data (names of new CEOs, new addresses, locations, the change of a responsible processor etc.) is very difficult. A quick and complete distribution of such changes across all workplaces is not always guaranteed.
  • When migrating to a new Office generation, all existing document templates become obsolete and cannot be applied any longer.

When working on a CI project, the mentioned aspects are often not taken into consideration by the marketing team. For IT, however, the usability of a system has priority and it happens often at the expense of creativity. Spontaneous changes are mostly not planned for when developing an IT project and they result in delays, as well as unexpectedly high subsequent costs. Another danger is the reduced external impact, making the efforts of the marketing department fruitless. Also, it can be very frustrating for the IT team, when it is constantly forced to update several hundreds of corporate templates in the event of a CI change.

How the OneOffixx template system contributes to the success of CI projects

In case IT and marketing form a good cooperation straight from the start of a CI project, better results are achieved. In addition, these are also more sustainable and (cost-)efficient. A renowned template management system such as OneOffixx is key, because it takes different requirements into consideration. OneOffixx contributes to the process of cooperation, as it takes care of the needs that are essential for both marketing and IT.

The break-even for the comparably low initial costs of EUR 5.000 to 10.000 is quickly and easily achieved. This is due to a drastic reduction of (internal or external) expenses. Other benefits include an enhanced compatibility and up-to-dateness of templates. The intuitive usability, as well as a significant reduction of the total cost of ownership for the complete operating life cycle of the OneOffixx template management software make for additional advantages.

OneOffixx automates processes and saves costs

Automated processes guarantee that subsequent costs, as well as tiresome IT workflows are completely eliminated right from the start. This way, IT is spared from the manual and labor-intensive maintenance of templates. At the same time, spontaneous adjustments of the CI are easily met by the software at any time. If desired, such updates can be executed directly by the designated staff members without any IT interference.

The OneOffixx template system automatically takes care of distributing such changes. The distributionacross all workplaces or among specific organizational units is executed within seconds at the designated time. Thanks to the central data managment and snippets, the amount of necessary templates is drastically reduced. This way, a better overview is guaranteed.

All documents issued with the help of OneOffixx are personalized. Even letters, presentations or statistical analyses in multiple languages can be smoothly created.

Successful together with the OneOffixx template management system

We invite you to get to know all benefits of the OneOffixx template management system via our webinar. This way, you will immediately find out why such a software significantly facilitates a win-win-situation for marketing, IT and all users. The sustainable and cost-efficient software system furher strengthens the cooperation among teams.

Great teamwork is key for the total performance of an enterprise and cooperation does not imply to completely give up a department’s internal strategy. Instead, the aim is to remain open for common goals and for achieving optimal results for everybody involved.

It is therefore of imporatance for every company to support genuine and engaging teamwork. This way, a working environment is achieved that delivers the best results for users, clients and for the company as a whole. The OneOffixx template management supports enterprises in achieving their goal.

Das OneOffixx Vorlagensystem lässt IT und Marketing als Team gemeinsam erfolgreich sein.