• 13. February 2018
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OneOffixx Template Management: Get to Know the Benefits in 4 Minutes!

OneOffixx Template Management: Get to Know the Benefits in 4 Minutes!

Simply save time and eliminate errors with OneOffixx templates: The OneOffixx template management system on the basis of Microsoft Word makes the simply impossible possible! In this video company boss John Smith is stressed out about his employees taking too much time when preparing documents in Microsoft Word. Lately, he also noticed an increasing amount of mistakes in letters, invoices and offers. Fortunately, his friend Thomas Brown introduces him to the OneOffixx template management system. Get to know all the benefits and advantages of OneOffixx for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint in this four-minute video!

This is John Smith. John runs a company with 250 employees. And this is Susan Jones. Three weeks ago she started working at the HR department of John Smith’s company. As her colleague called in sick, Susan Jones now has full responsibility for all operations.

To invite an applicant to a job interview, she searches for the appropriate template letter in the data storage, on the Intranet, the server and in the archive, as well as on different storage media and in various desktop folders.

By the time she has finally found a template letter, she completely forgets changing the salutation. In addition, she does not update the details of the sender, which is why the letter states the contact details of her colleague who is currently on sick leave. Susan Jones is in a rush, so she does not realize that the letter includes outdated information about a fair the company participated in last year. The letter is sent off. The quality is bad.

Her boss John Smith receives a copy of the letter, because he is supposed to participate in the job interview. When he notices all the mistakes, he realizes that it is high time to change some workflows. Lately, incidents like this one have been happening frequently.

When talking to his friend Thomas Brown about the problem, he learns about OneOffixx. Ever since Thomas Brown introduced the OneOffixx template management system to his company, the quality of documents has improved significantly and the operational processes run much more effectively.

With OneOffixx Susan Jones’ workflow would have looked as follows: To invite an applicant for a job interview, she opens OneOffixx. To begin, she chooses the correct address of the recipient via the company’s CRM, which is integrated via an interface. She then changes the title of the document, selects the correct enclosures and adds the date and time of the job interview to the letter. Now the almost complete letter opens in Microsoft Word.

At this stage Susan Jones can add previously defined text blocks via the drag’n’drop function, such as details on how to get to the location of the interview and other relevant information.

Because Susan Jones is logged in with her own password and ID, her contact details are automatically inserted into the letter. In addition, the company’s details such as address, name of the CEO or tax ID are automatically up-to-date. John Smith is impressed and wants to know what happens if a new employee is hired.

Thomas Brown smiles and explains: Once a new employee opens OneOffixx with his login details, his profile automatically appears in all Office programs and in his email account. In addition, his Outlook email signature is correctly displayed. Right from the start he has access to all documents and text blocks that are approved for him. OneOffixx supports all Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Thanks to OneOffixx employees simply have more time to focus on their main tasks and essential workflows.

Would you like to take your workflows with OneOffixx to the next level? To do so, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sign up for the OneOffixx webinar and find out how to tailor the OneOffixx template management system to your needs.
  2. We will send you an offer based on all the specific requests of your company.
  3. In just two weeks you can begin taking advantage of all the OneOffixx benefits.

We look forward to making your operations simply more effective!