Livit relies on template software by PrimeSoft

Livit is the leading real estate management company in Switzerland and a new PrimeSoft customer. The OneOffixx modules for Word, PowerPoint and Outlook outperform competing products and replace an existing software solution within the company.

OneOffixx better than competitor products

In the course of Livit’s re-evaluation, it quickly became clear that the template management system previously in use needed to be replaced by a state-of-the-art, centralized software solution in order to completely cover existing and new needs in the area of templates for Microsoft documents. A multi-stage tender process was executed to identify the most effective and user-friendly template solution. In the end, Livit decided for the OneOffixx template management software, as the solution by PrimeSoft clearly prevailed over other template software products.

“Livit puts customers first and the flexibility of PrimeSoft’s OneOffixx tool helps us in this context to efficiently manage customer-centric communication. The handling is very intuitive not only for users but also for administrators,” confirms Maria Kolpondinos (Head of Business Analysis, Livit), summing up some of the advantages of the new template software. 

Company-specific needs fully met

OneOffixx covers all of Livit’s requirements. The company’s approximately 800 employees benefit not only from the template software’s ease of use, but also from the error-free display of logos, formatting and corporate designs on documents such as letters, memos or offers. The processes are supported by the use of snippets, which standardize written information on documents.

As all templates and data are managed in a central location, redundancies are no longer an issue and a seamless administration is kept throughout the company. Thanks to the integrated role and rights concept, users have specific access to all documents related to their daily agenda.

OneOffixx facilitates the work of IT

Livit uses OneOffixx as a practical SaaS solution. As such, the new template software simplifies the work agenda of IT departments. On the one hand, a large-scale, in-house server infrastructure is no longer required to run the template software and on the other hand, IT support for templates is significantly reduced.

OneOffixx was implemented professionally and smoothly thanks to the great technical know-how available at Livit. The software was introduced in the first half of the year and the company is already fully enjoying all the benefits of the new system.

Collaboration as a highlight

The cooperation between the teams on both sides was characterized by trust, appreciation and getting things done at eye level. The common goal of implementing OneOffixx quickly and smoothly was achieved within the planned timeframe. “PrimeSoft swiftly responded to our wishes even under time pressure and implemented all requirements in the process,” adds Maria Kolpondinos. 

The PrimeSoft team considers the dedicated collaboration as one of the project highlights. We look forward to continuing our trusting partnership with Livit successfully in the future.

Livit verwendet OneOffixx