OneOffixx for PowerPoint Templates

...making your presentations simply professional!

OneOffixx for PowerPoint Templates
Optimal PowerPoint templates in line with your company's CI/CD

The OneOffixx for PowerPoint templates guarantee perfect presentations in your company's unified corporate design. Templates, colors, layouts, diagrams and other formattings comply with your company's specifications. Dynamic footers can be adjusted and positioned on a flexible basis. Thanks to OneOffixx, users remain in the familiar Office environment, while working in line with the latest standards. Thanks to its intuitive usability, OneOffixx has an excellent user acceptance.

Adjust old layouts and slides with a simple mouse klick

Adjust slides from different presentations as well as old layouts to your company's corporate design at the klick of a button. The image gallery enables you to move the correct images to the correct location. In case things get mixed up, you can adjust your slide to the compliance rules by taking advantage of the automatic slide correction.

Create professional presentations quickly and easily

The laborious search for the latest company templates is now redundant. Your templates are integrated in Microsoft Office and configurated to your specific needs. Select the correct template for your new presentation and start preparing your content immediately, while OneOffixx takes care of the rest. Presentations created with OneOffixx can be presented and adjusted on all devices.

OneOffixx for PowerPoint templates is available as a bundle with OneOffixx for Excel. The template management software is either operated on your own server or rented as SaaS.

OneOffixx for PowerPoint templates: your 4 benefits

Unified corporate design
  • full takeover of CI/CD conform formattings
  • integration of the latest logos and brands
  • conversion of old layouts and slides from different presentations to the new design
  • corporate design check (automatic correction of slides, diagrams and tables)
Document parameters
  • easy selection of the correct templates
  • dynamic footers (no fixed position)
  • optimized editing of handouts
Comprehensive profile management
  • for all locations
  • in multiple languages
  • comprehensive authorization system

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