OneOffixx Webinar

(public webinars are in German only)

Would you like to get a realtime experience of OneOffixx and find out more about its advantages in a live setting? Sign up for the OneOffixx webinar and get an overview on all benefits and advantages in just 30 minutes!


Large group of people looking together at laptop. Smiling and taking part in a webinar.

Simply beneficial: the OneOffixx webinar

Would you like to reduce your expenses, eliminate errors and increase your productivity at the same time? Sign up for the OneOffixx webinar and find out how! Throughout our webinar we showcase concrete OneOffixx functions by sharing our screen view via Internet. Simply interactive: Experience the OneOffixx template management system in realtime and ask your questions live! All it takes is a Windows PC including a headset, loudspeaker, and microphone.

Public OneOffixx webinar (in German only)

Sign up for our public OneOffixx webinar by klicking on the red box displaying your preferred appointment at the top of this page and follow the instructions. The public webinar is currently in German language only.

Private OneOffixx webinar

Simply individual: Throughout a private OneOffixx webinar we will showcase concrete functions and areas of application that are in line with your company's requirements. Would you like to confirm an appointment for a private OneOffixx webinar tailored to your specific needs? Get in touch!