OneOffixx: Products

From zero to Office hero: OneOffixx optimizes your Office templates in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint  – simply efficiently and affordably!

Increase the quality of your documents and simplify your workflows by creating professional Office templates. OneOffixx is simply user-friendly, providing your employees with more time to focus on their main tasks. Working with Microsoft Office is not only faster, better and easier... but also more fun!

OneOffixx for Word templates

Simply efficient: OneOffixx for Word helps you save time and optimizes your workflows in Microsoft Word.

OneOffixx for Outlook templates

Unified email signatures, optimized marketing campaigns and text blocks in all languages.

OneOffixx for PowerPoint templates

Simply ideal presentations displayed in a perfect CI/CD that are both standardized and individual at the same time!

OneOffixx for Excel templates

Excel tables displaying your corporate design with a personal touch: Your personal data is added automatically.