OneOffixx Interfaces

OneOffixx provides access to many relevant applications and databases. Data from clients, partners and other contacts can be smoothly integrated from external systems. Documents are created more easily than ever before, because your staff works with a single software solution bringing together all data centrally, with no redundancies.

Integration of third-party systems

OneOffixx offers existing interfaces to the following systems products. The activation and configuration of the interfaces are based on the central OneOffixx interface:


Standard interfaces:


CMI Axioma



The following third-party systems have been successfully integrated on a project basis:





MS Dynamics CRM 2013

Integration von Drittsystemen

OneOffixx address data sources

Address data are key in the creation of professional documents.
Thanks to OneOffixx, address data can be imported automatically from the following systems:

In addition, address data can be passed on to OneOffixx via the OneOffixx Connect interface. We are happy to provide further information in this regard and look forward to your contact!