Aveniq increasingly uses OneOffixx

The Swiss company Aveniq, which was formed by merging the Avectris Group and GIA Informatik, keeps relying on the well-known OneOffixx template software solution by the PrimeSoft Group. In the course of an internal evaluation, OneOffixx was turned out to be better than all competing products. As a result, the PrimeSoft template management software will now be increasingly used throughout the company.

PrimeSoft template software proves its worth

Aveniq carried out a multi-stage tender process for template software. The aim was to evaluate the best possible software solution supporting employees in dealing with Microsoft Office documents. In this context, Aveniq decided to retain and increase the use of OneOffixx throughout the company. This is due to the fact that the software solution by PrimeSoft turned out to fulfill Aveniq’s needs much better than other template software products.

“OneOffixx helps us ensure that Office documents adhere to corporate design guidelines. The company-wide distribution of customizations in email signature has also become easier thanks to OneOffixx,” confirms Sandra Epper (Head of Marketing & Communications, Aveniq) and her colleague Roland Pruessmann (Head of Digital Solutions & Professional Services) adds: “For us, Microsoft cloud readiness as well as the required integration capability in this context had a very high priority during the evaluation. In this respect, OneOffixx clearly stood out from competitors. In addition, OneOffixx can also be used to develop user-friendly office automation solutions, for example in combination with SharePoint Online.”

Standardized formatting of Office documents

Aveniq’s needs are met with OneOffixx. Thanks to the practical template solution, it has been possible to simplify the creation of documents along corporate design lines, as the correct fonts, colors, logos and other elements are automatically stored in the program. In addition, OneOffixx also offers practical snippets providing valuable assistance in the use of recurring text material. Furthermore, employees benefit from a central document storage and, depending on their authorization, access only templates they need to perform their work processes.

OneOffixx available across all corporate locations

To reduce the burden on IT, Aveniq uses OneOffixx as a flexible SaaS solution. Templates and data are managed in one central location and templates can be updated with a few clicks.

The PrimeSoft team is proud to have been able to implement this exciting project in cooperation with Aveniq. The implementation of OneOffixx turned out to be very successful and the cooperation was very harmonious. Aveniq’s more than 600 employees are already equipped with OneOffixx for Word and Outlook and benefit from simplified work processes in Microsoft Office.

Aveniq increasingly uses OneOffixx by PrimeSoft