OneOffixx and Sevitec Informatik: Management Reinforcement

Since June 2018, two new CEOs have been supporting the operations at Sevitec Informatik AG and OneOffixx GmbH. The Swiss company Sevitec Informatik is now managed by Hansjörg Brugger. In Munich, Elmar Barzen has taken over the operative management of the OneOffixx GmbH.

A new phase of company development

Both companies are owned by the Swiss PrimeGroup, which is headquartered in Eschlikon. Owner, president and PrimeGroup CEO Jürg Geiser previously managed both Sevitec Informatik and OneOffixx single-handedly. From now on, he will focus on high-level and strategic tasks. He keeps supporting the operative activities and will contribute to shaping the companies’ strategies.

A wide range of experience

Both OneOffixx and Sevitec Informatik are benefitting from an extensive level of experience. Hansjörg Brugger, who joined Sevitec Informatik on June 1, has been working in IT for around 30 years. Having an IT engineering degree, as well as further education in company management and strategic management, he has a wide experience in supervision, sales and project management.
Elmar Barzen started his OneOffixx career as Country Manager last year. He holds an IT degree from the University of Bonn and has extensively worked within the IT sector. His management experience includes high-level positions in renowned companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Informix and Siemens/SNI.

Strategic development and future goals

The new management reinforcement is the kickoff for a new phase of company development. The strategic goal is to become market leader for template management systems in the DACH (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) region. Over the last years, the simply efficient template management software OneOffixx has gained a high level of acceptance and great reputation among Swiss key customers.
Now its potential is also discovered by German clients: The German company OneOffixx GmbH has triggered a wide interest regarding its current range of products. Due to the economic success of the last years, the company group is in an advantageous situation to further develop their range of products and move to new markets. This way, OneOffixx contributes to facilitating daily workflows simply comfortably and efficiently.

Image: Sevitec Informatik and OneOffixx are prepared for future endeavors with the new Managing Directors Hansjörg Brugger (Switzerland) and Elmar Barzen (Germany). PrimeGroup CEO Jürg Geiser keeps supporting all activities.

Sevitec und OneOffixx gut aufgestellt für die Zukunft: die beiden neuen Länderchefs Hansjörg Brugger (Schweiz) und Elmar Barzen (Deutschland) mit Jürg Geiser, Group CEO der Dachgesellschaft PrimeGroup AG (von rechts nach links).