OneOffixx templates 4.0 for Office 2019:
News and Updates

Coming soon: Microsoft is about to release the new Office 2019 package. The event will also mark the kickoff for the next OneOffixx software update. Read more on the latest features of the new Office 2019 templates here.

Continuous development

The OneOffixx software update will support  a full compatibility with Office 2019, which will be launched shortly. In addition, a smooth integration of existing OneOffixx templates in future versions of the template management software is guaranteed.
OneOffixx follows Microsoft’s tracks by continuously developing the software’s features. As such, the next edition of the OneOffixx template management solution focuses on running the software across platforms. Another add-on is the availability of a software-as-a-service subscription. The latter will be an alternative to the installation of the OneOffixx server on-site.


The new OneOffixx subscription service will be available in Germany first, followed by a release in Switzerland. The monthly subscription covers all costs for the software, as well as its server operation via cloud. According to EU law, the German subscription is hosted on German servers.

Office 2019 templates for PowerPoint and Excel

In cooperation with our technology partner ZigWare, two new standard modules for PowerPoint and Excel are currently developed, which will be available as a bundle. The new template management packages will support CI-conform colors, charts and logos. Furthermore, footers are smoothly and easily adjusted from now on. Simply ideal: At the click of a button, already existing PowerPoint slides can be adapted to your company’s CI/CD.

OneOffixx app for Word

To guarantee a smooth access on Word templates across departments, a OneOffixx app for Word will be available as of next year. As the app does not have a local data storage, it will be possible to obtain the latest (and personalized!) templates directly from the OneOffixx server. As such, the app specifically supports ocasional users, as well as devices that do not run on Windows.

OneOffixx keeps all promises

As is the standard, the new OneOffixx template software update will be available right after Office 2019 has been released. As far as the launch is concerned, Microsoft keeps being vague and mentions “the second half of the year 2018” as a possible release date. Needless to say that OneOffixx clients can rely on a timely upgrade of their template managment. Ever since the release of Office 2007, OneOffixx has kept all promises regarding a swift availability, as well as a perfect compatibility regarding existing templates.

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