Municipality of Goldach: Yet another authority to use OneOffixx by PrimeSoft

The municipality of Goldach located in the canton St.Gallen will soon be using PrimeSoft’s OneOffixx template solution. Shortly, 60 users will benefit from the OneOffixx Business Suite when working with Microsoft Office documents such as letters, contracts, spreadsheets, presentations and e-mail signatures.

Existing template solution replaced by OneOffixx

OneOffixx for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel replaces an existing template solution in Goldach. The representatives of the municipality wanted to rely on a future-proof solution covering the needs of all users. Furthermore, the new solution should be intuitive to use and offer interfaces to Axioma and Loganto.

The switch to OneOffixx is already taking place and the project will be completed in the coming months. “OneOffixx is very user-friendly and leads to an increase in efficiency on all levels,” confirms Lukas Laenzlinger (municipal clerk, Goldach municipality).

Simplified work processes in administration

With the OneOffixx business suite, the municipality of Goldach can further increase its efficiency with regard to both internal and external communication and save time as well as resources. Another benefit of the PrimeSoft solution is the uniform display of logos, formatting and corporate designs on documents such as letters, meeting notes and minutes. Staff quickly create Word documents in the correct CI/CD. All relevant fonts, colors and other styles are automatically stored in OneOffixx, significantly facilitating work processes.

With OneOffixx for Outlook, the municipality of Goldach can centrally manage its e-mail signatures. The display of corporate design features is automatically managed by the software. Snippets are not only available for Word documents, but also as Outlook templates and facilitate the office routine for employees. The Goldach municipality thus achieves more output as well as better quality of documents.

Employees always work with the current specifications

Thanks to the OneOffixx PowerPoint templates, the municipality of Goldach always obtains presentations in a uniform corporate design. Templates, colors, layouts, diagrams and other formatting correspond to the correct specifications of the authority at the klick of a button. Dynamic footers can now be adapted even more easily and are flexibly positioned. With OneOffixx, users always work with the state-of-the-art specifications in the familiar Office environment.

The municipality of Goldach will also use OneOffixx for Excel, which allows access to standardized statistics, tables and diagrams in no time. The design of all Excel templates is adapted to the municipality’s own corporate identity and is always automatically up to date. Changes regarding the municipality’s internal CI/CD are transferred to all templates in real time by just a few mouse clicks. These processes save valuable IT capacity, as system administrators no longer have to deal with complex template changes.

OneOffixx highly popular with municipalities, cities and other authorities

In addition to the municipality of Goldach, many other municipalities, cities and public authorities use the OneOffixx template solution and benefit from a range of simplifications when creating their Microsoft documents. The spectrum of satisfied OneOffixx public authority customers includes, among others, the cities of Zug and Dietikon as well as the municipalities of Steinhausen and Wallisellen. Would you like to use OneOffixx in your company or authority too? Get in touch!

Municipality of Goldach uses OneOffixx