Trends for Template Management Software & IT:
A Look into the Future

Work space 4.0 and flexible markets

Digital working environments are increasingly caught between human, cultural and technological developments. This trade-off forms one of the major challenges for IT enterprises. The concept of a work space 4.0 remains in the spotlight for 2019 and beyond. It is expected that continuous innovations will see the light of day in this particular field of expertise.

“The will to implement change is indispensable for the longterm success of a company”, states AppSphere‘s Frank Roth, an institution dealing with modern IT working environments. Labor and supply chain markets are more flexible and mobile than ever. The ratio of supply and demand has changed from a local to a global phenomenon. To guarantee a safe, agile and efficient working environment, an all-encompassing view on various requirements is needed.

Efficient working environments

Creating efficient working environments and reacting to current trends remains of importance for both economic and financial reasons. In addition, customer and staff satisfaction keep playing an ever important role for enterprises.
Recent developments – such as global supply chains, location-independent work models or artificial intelligence technologies, to name a few – lead to lasting changes. Listening to consumers’ and employees’ needs is therefore key for building and keeping longterm relationships. Flexible solutions are on high demand among both staff and clients.

Template management software trends

Innovative software companies keep observing and reacting to the recent developments. Technologies such as monthly subscriptions instead of own server solutions become increasingly sought after. It is the kickoff for a range of innovations, such as flexible software-as-a-service, cloud and app solutions. As far as template management software is concerned, Jürg Geiser and Elmar Barzen (Managing Directors, OneOffixx GmbH) confirm: “Our clients increasingly require a quick and geographically independent access on their company software systems.”

OneOffixx: Ready for Office 2019

OneOffixx welcomes the new technologies by supplying innovative updates. “At the same time we guarantee a complete compatibility with existing OneOffixx template solutions to all our clients”, the two Managing Directors promise.
Right now all eyes are set on Microsoft: Clients have high expectations regarding the new Office 2019 package. At OneOffixx, management and staff are ready for the next steps. Read more on the 2019 updates for your OneOffixx template management system here!

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