• 20. September 2018
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OneOffixx Version 3.3:
The New Features

All enhancements of OneOffixx version 3.3 at a glance

The new update from OneOffixx version 3.2 to 3.3 provides essential innovations regarding performance and usability when creating templates. From now on, the dashboard includes a comprised information on your activities. Due to a comprehensive statistics function, a better overview on the organization of your templates is guaranteed. The latest innovations particularly concern the following areas:


We all get tired of find long waiting hours when working on the computer. Therefore, the new OneOffixx version 3.3 significantly improves the reaction times throughout various functions. Improvements concern workflows in the global configuration and translation provider, as well as the charging time of address directories. In addition, enhanced reaction times extend to generating templates, opening the document parameter/editor and to scrolling the template list. Furthermore, the new update significantly improves data security.


The dashboard now includes additional information on the available profiles, users and organizations, as well as on templates and text modules. The detailed data enables you to create more comprehensive statistics. This way, you can evaluate your employees’ use of templates and text modules. To improve the quality and speed of deliveries, the import and export management of templates was extended, which now operates via the dashboard. Furthermore, the OneOffixx development team has set the course for running our efficient template system via a web application.


Has it ever happened to you that you forgot updating some data in the global configuration provider when creating a document? Previously, the editing mode had to be exited to open the settings. A new multi-windows mode makes this tiresome process redundant. By klicking on “Editing template”, a new editing window opens and you can quickly and efficiently make your adjustments there. You can keep this editing window open, while working in the OneOffixx main menu at the same time.

The document parameter can now extend to several pages, giving you a great overview when working on large documents or forms. The concept of sub-templates was completely revised. You can now use a new syntax to program the document parameters. In this respect, many of the previous limitations for sub-documents no longer exist.

To improve usability, we have also focused on providing users with a better overview on the dependencies between templates. They are now graphically displayed in the editing window.

Feel free to contact us at any time, in case you would like to update to the new OneOffixx version 3.3. All future updates to new versions are completely free of charge for all clients obtaining a OneOffixx maintenance contract.