OneOffixx 2019 Release is Available!

Only a few weeks have passed, ever since Microsoft launched the new Office 2019 version. As of today, the OneOffixx 2019 release is available to clients, too.

OneOffixx keeps promise

Two months ago, Microsoft released the business edition of Office 2019. OneOffixx now follows suit and launches the corresponding new version of their template management software. “For more than 10 years we have guaranteed a samless transition to the new version. We have kept the promise to our clients also this time”, confirms Managing Director Jürg Geiser.

The simply efficient OneOffixx template management solution is a valuable addition to the popular Office software. Following Microsoft’s tracks, the product is continuously developed.

Use across platforms and software subscription

The new OneOffixx 2019 release focuses on a use across platforms, responding to the requirements of business clients and public enterprises in the German-speaking area and worldwide.

In the upcoming year, a software-as-a-service solution will be available for clients as well. “It offers a valuable alternative to clients, who do not want to run OneOffixx on their own servers“, explains Jürg Geiser.

New app, new modules

In 2019, OneOffixx will also launch an app for Word, giving access to company-wide templates via Word Online. In this respect, OneOffixx fulfills the wish of their clients to retrieve the latest company data at any time and worldwide.

For Excel and PowerPoint, two new standard modules were developed in a close technological cooperation. In PowerPoint, slides from different presentations can be adjusted to the corporate design at the klick of a button. For both modules, footers are easier adjustable and CI conform charts, logos or fonts are optimized.

OneOffixx 2019 release in 32bit and 64bit

The new OneOffixx 2019 update is release in 32bit and 64bit.  “OneOffixx templates from previous versions are 100% supported by the new update of course”, adds Jürg Geiser.

Vor wenigen Wochen hat Microsoft Office 2019 gelauncht. Nun ist auch der OneOffixx Vorlagensoftware Release erhältlich.