OneOffixx increasingly popular in the healthcare industry

fAn ever increasing amount of healthcare facilities are discovering the benefits of the PrimeSoft template software solutions. With the Muensingen Psychiatric Center, another healthcare facility is benefiting from standardized Microsoft documents at the klick of a button.

More efficient administration of documents

With the introduction of OneOffixx, all of the psychiatric center’s templates are now managed in one central location, eliminating many redundancies and – most importantly – incorrect formatting of the corporate design on documents. In addition, the administration of all Microsoft templates is now much easier thanks to OneOffixx.

In the course of an evaluation, various template systems were tested with regard to their usability. The Muensingen Psychiatric Center made the final decision in favor of the OneOffixx template software solution by PrimeSoft. The basis for the decision was not only the fact that OneOffixx optimally meets the needs of the healthcare center. Furthermore, the pleasant dynamic and goal-oriented collaboration with the PrimeSoft team from the first appointment on was one of the factors that led to the final decision.

Simplified processes in everyday work

The Muensingen Psychiatric Center has obtained a total of 880 licenses for OneOffixx Word and Outlook. Employees can inidivdually access all required templates based on an integrated role and authorization concept. The significantly improved structure and overview simplifies the search for the correct templates for letters, reports and other Microsoft documents.

Thanks to the standardized display of logos, colors, fonts and other formatting, the corporate design of the Muensingen Psychiatric Center is correctly reproduced on the documents at all times. The use of snippets reduces errors and simplifies work processes related to the written content. Last but not least, the number of templates is significantly reduced thanks to OneOffixx, resulting in significant time savings regarding the creation, editing and administration of document templates.

Expansion of OneOffixx is planned

By using OneOffixx, the Muensingen Psychiatric Center achieves more efficiency in work processes and also cost savings when using Microsoft Office. OneOffixx for Word and Outlook were implemented successfully, after all employees had been trained in the daily use of the template software system. The healthcare center now plans to obtain the OneOffixx PowerPoint and Excel modules as well, so that employees will be supported even more comprehensively in their daily work agenda.

In addition to the Muensingen Psychiatric Center, other healthcare institutions, such as the Aargau Psychiatric Services and the STS AG hospital in Thun, are using PrimeSoft’s OneOffixx template software. The PrimeSoft team would like to thank the Muensingen Psychiatric Center for the dedicated and goal-oriented collaboration. We feel delighted to support another satisfied customer with our intelligent software solutions.

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Psychiatriezentrum verwendet OneOffixx Vorlagensoftware