OneOffixx for Outlook Templates

...guarantee a smooth and efficient email correspondence

OneOffixx for Outlook Templates
Unified email signatures and text blocks

OneOffixx facilitates the presentation of your company’s CI on all documents. The central management of email signatures provides all users with a perfect overview. Snippets are available both for Word documents and Outlook templates, making your daily workflows run more efficiently. Increase both output and quality with OneOffixx for Outlook templates and make the impossible become reality.


Facilitate your eMarketing campaigns

Create professional image or text campaigns with OneOffixx for Outlook templates and facilitate your announcements for workshops and fairs as well as advertising campaigns. Thanks to OneOffixx, it is possible to run timed campaigns for separate organizational units in different languages, while the data management is centralized. OneOffixx is either operated on your own server or rented as SaaS.

OneOffixx for Outlook templates: your 6 benefits

Unified corporate desig
  • correct formatting
  • integration of the latest logos and brands
  • automatic transfer of fonts
Optimized address management
  • integration of addresses
  • interfaces in CRM and online tools
Timed eMarketing campaigns
  • image/text campaigns
  • for different companies and organizational units
Practical text modules
  • no more laborious typing of recurring texts
  • drag’n’drop
Multilingual features
  • availability of multiple languages
Style-based formatting
  • CI/CD remains in place

OneOffixx functions for Outlook templates

  • Comprehensive layouts and templates for emails, e.g. for single business cases or offers.
  • Email signatures: centrally managed layouts with individual contact data.
  • Supports portrait photos and vectorized signatures.
  • Private and commonly used text blocks with drag’n’drop function.
  • Possibility of selecting different senders, e.g. for different companies or in case of temporary staff replacements.
  • Internal and external emails: OneOffixx automatically distinguishes between internal and external correspondences and adds the correct signature to your email.
  • Central disclaimer management.
  • Outlook templates in multiple languages: Adjust your correspondence to the recipient’s language.
  • eMarketing campaigns in accordance with time zones, languages and organizational conformities, which can be automatically attached to external emails.

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