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You will simply love it: OneOffixx is an efficient template management system for Microsoft Office. It is our mission to help you apply even the most complex Office functions in a better, faster and easier way. Save time and money, while empowering your products and brands at the same time. Complex changes of your company’s CI/CD in contracts, offers and letters, email signatures, Excel tables or PowerPoint presentations are no longer necessary. The template management system facilitates a smooth implementation of standardized documents across your entire corporation.

OneOffixx is a product of the Swiss company Sevitec Informatik AG, which has been developing software on all Microsoft platforms (software development, web development, cloud development and SQL development) since 1999. Our focus is on business process management, enterprise service bus and document creation.

Since 2017, our affiliated firm OneOffixx GmbH supports clients in Germany, Austria, and worldwide. Our values are based on trust, transparency and an open communication with clearly defined objectives. The personal support of our clients is our priority. 

Get in touch: Your contact persons in Munich for all clients outside of Switzerland:

Elmar Barzen

Managing Director (sales, consulting, production)

Phone: +49 89 215 410 611

Juerg Geiser

Managing Director (product management, finances, HR)

Phone: +49 89 215 410 622

Your contact persons and team in Switzerland:

Hansjoerg Brugger 

Managing Director

Phone: +41 71 511 0 551

Giorgio Croci-Torti

Sales Manager

Phone: +41 71 511 0 514

Andrej Cica

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Phone: +41 71 511 0 528

Cinzia Memoli

Executive Assistant

Phone: +41 71 511 0 520

Pascal Julmy

Head of Services

Phone: +41 71 511 0 509

Denise Huber

Project Manager & Trainer

Phone: +41 71 511 0 555

Markus Nyffenegger

Project Manager & Trainer

Telefon: +41 71 511 0 555

Dinah Bolli

Product Specialist

Phone: +41 71 511 0 555

Samuel Egger

Product Specialist

Phone: +41 71 511 0 555

Josip Gavranic

Product Specialist

Phone: +41 71 511 0 555

Tobias Meier

Product Specialist

Phone: +41 71 511 0 555

Development team in Eschlikon (Switzerland):
Project managers, software engineers, software developers, trainees

Phone: +41 71 511 0 511

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