OneOffixx template system:
increased staff satisfaction and optimized workflows

Only excellent staff members deliver excellent results and identifying brilliant employees on the labor market remains a challenge for companies worldwide. Therefore, it is of high importance to ensure long-term perspectives for the best employees. In today's world, a proactive staff development and employee management is a must. Frustration and boredom are among the main reasons for staff members cancelling their employment contract.

Intuitive usability of a renowned standard software

An Excel spreadsheed is incorrectly displayed, despite the fact that all application seemed to be executed correctly. An invoice needs to be duplicated and updated in a tiresome, manual process. A Word formatting is incorrect and all your efforts to change it are fruitless. Do some of the following situations sound familiar to you and your fellow employees?

Thanks to OneOffixx, even the most complex Microsoft Office applications are executed in a smooth and easy way. Drag & drop functions, snippets and an intuitive usability optimize the output and reduce the frustration potential of staff members. With the OneOffixx template system, tiresome and recurring duties - such as the repeated typing of similar letters or invoces - are now redundant. OneOffixx increases staff satisfaction by facilitating operative workflows and it is a renowned standard software with an excellent user acceptance.

OneOffixx template system

Central data management

Did you know that the search for incorrectly stored and wrongly named files takes an average of almost two extra hours each work week? With the OneOffixx template management system, such situations are made redundant. The central data management guarantees a great overview on all templates. Thanks to the intelligent authorization rights system, staff members have access to specific document templates that are individually approved for them. All corporate templates are stored at a central location and can be easily retrieved. Company and employee data is also centrally managed, so that staff members work directly in OneOffixx, while taking advantage of the familiar Microsoft Office interface.

Strengthen your brands with the OneOffixx template system

Efficient and facilitated workflows guarantee that staff members can focus on their essential tasks. Employees are liberated from tiresome, unnecessary and repeated workflows.

Thanks to OneOffixx, the corporate design is correctly displayed on business documents and in emails. If desired, authorized staff members can independently update templates, so that formatting errors and the use of obsolete designs are no longer an issue. Simply unified and individual at the same time: The pesonalized contact data of a designated staff member is automatically displayed documents.

Save time and money with the simply clever OneOffixx template system!

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