Time-Consuming Workflows:
Why a Template Management System Pays Off

Smartphones, social media and browsing the Internet are not the main factors consuming the working time of your employees. A range of studies conducted over the last years (GfK, Statista, Censuswide, and others) show surprising results: The most time-consuming activities are rather small tasks and regular workflows. If one and the same job is executed twice or documents get lost on the file storage, it is not only annoying. The company’s productivity decreases, leading to significant financial losses over time.

Which ones are the major time-consuming workflows of a daily office agenda? And how can an efficient template management system such as OneOffixx help you save both time and money?

Document storage

Did you know that employees spend some 22 minutes daily on searching for the correct documents? Incorrect file storage and wrong names or descriptions of files are two of the main time-consuming factors: Employees spend almost two hours of each work week searching for files. According to studies, 31% of employees even complain about wasting a lot of time when looking for documents and templates.
Additional difficulties arise when sharing documents with fellow employees and coworkers. Most companies lack a digitalized and well-organized file sharing system. Therefore, employees tend to tailor templates to their own needs, and these are often full of mistakes. As a result, incorrect templates, documents displaying a wrong CI and/or different versions of the same document circulate around the office.

With OneOffixx template chaos is a thing of the past. Due to the central data management, all templates and core data are stored only once in the system. Employees have easy and immediate access on all documents and text modules approved for them. This way, double versions of one and the same document are avoided. Updates of the company’s corporate design and of data are easily executed for everyone to see.

Document formatting

Microsoft rules the world. Most office tasks are conducted with the classical Microsoft Office package. Did you know that on average an employee creates 200 Word documents, 180 Excel tables and 50 PowerPoint presentations per year? As such, most employees spend around 72% of their working time with MS Office.
Here is another interesting fact that the studies unveiled: Employees spend more than a quarter of their time on formatting when working on a document. Quite a few tasks are repetitive. Recurring offers or invoices need to be re-typed, or at least newly formatted and changed. The devil is in the detail: Manual formatting is time-consuming and leads to mistakes, such as incorrect display of the corporate design, typos and wrong data.

The OneOffixx template management system displays your CI correctly at all times. Once you have put OneOffixx to use you will not want to take a step back again: Centrally managed templates and text blocks eliminate errors in advance. Laborious typing of recurring texts is redundant. Step by step, the system leads employees through various types of data that have to be updated.


On average, each employee writes the astronomical amount of 7.000 emails annually. The majority of employees questioned during a study in 2014 would like to spend less time working on emails. Potential time savings lie with email storage and the typing of recurring messages.

You will simply love it: OneOffixx optimizes your email correspondence smoothly and efficiently. You can save recurring texts as text modules in both Outlook and Word, to be ready for use at all times. As an additional plus, you can add the company’s CI and timed eMarketing campaigns to employees’ individual email signatures. 7.000 emails per employee per year make for a giant marketing potential! Thanks to OneOffixx it is easy to make use of this potential and benefit from competitive advantages.

Outdated technologies

Have you ever experienced a situation when the office printer does not work and it takes ages to print your files? Have you had issues with complex Excel applications and diagrams that were not displayed the way you envisaged? Complicated, outdated and erroneous technologies slow down workflows, create frustration among staff and increase operating costs.

An appropriate technology boosts productivity and makes daily work flows entertaining. Thanks to OneOffixx, even the most complexe Office applications are user-friendly and fun to execute. Complicated workflows in Excel, PowerPoint, Word or Outlook are suddenly easy to handle. From zero to Office hero with OneOffixx: Due to its outstanding usability, no significant staff training is needed for neither system implementation nor new MS Office versions.

For document management, the optimization potential of companies lies between 20% and 50%. What is the potential of your business?

Get to know more benefits of the OneOffixx template management system here!

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