Microsoft Office 2019 is launched!

Right on time: Last night Microsoft announced the availability of the new Microsoft Office 2019 software. It has been a while, as the previous version Office 2016 was launched more than three years ago.

A cloud-less Office version

Microsoft Office 2019 includes most of the features of Office 365, which users taking advantage of the monthly subscription model have already benefitted from. As such, Office 2019 is specifically designed for users who are not ready for a cloud solution. It is geared towards clients having a need for on-premises deployment. For the future Microsoft promises at least one additional update of the software on-premises.
Microsoft Office 2019 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as Project, Access and Publisher.

Microsoft Office 2019 for Word and Outlook

“Get work done easier”: According to Microsoft, this is the main task for Word 2019 and Outlook 2019. The new tools featured in both programs are designed to make workflows even more efficient. A tool that reads out loud is provided in the shape of a “Read Aloud” function. In addition, a new “Focus Mode” displays documents at full screen mode. This way, users can fully concentrate on the content of each document they are working on. The Word Translator tool, which has gained a wide popularity among Office 365 users, is also part of the Office 2019 package.
Another new feature for Word is the optimized inking tool. It includes various options, such as tilt effects or pressure sensitivity. In Outlook, a “Focused Inbox” filters emails in a way that a user’s attention is drawn to the most important messages.

Enhanced design tools

In the areas of style and design, Microsoft Office 2019 includes enhanced inking functions and animation tools. Due to the new “Morph” and “Zoom” functions, PowerPoint presentations turn into a cineastic viewing experience.
For Excel, users are now benefitting from additional formulas and diagrams. Furthermore, a new data analysis function is available for pivot tables.

Microsoft Office 2019: Additional facts

For IT departments, Office 2019 creates additional value thanks to enhanced security features, as well as a streamlined administration.
Office 2019 operates on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. The new version of the software also includes server updates. Exchange Server 2019, Skype for Business Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2019 and Project Server 2019 will be launched shortly.
Other changes concern the Microsoft support service: For the next two years, Office 2019 receives an extended support by Microsoft. In total, there will only be five (instead of previously ten) years of regular support available to clients.
The commercial release of Microsoft Office 2019 is geared to volume-licensed corporate clients. For end users, the Office 2019 package will be available in a few weeks from now.

OneOffixx 2019 at center stage

OneOffixx closely follows Microsoft’s tracks: The new 2019 update will be available shortly. “We guarantee an all-encompassing compatibility for Office 2019. As always, our compatibility extends to existing templates released on previous OneOffixx versions”, confirms Elmar Barzen (Managing Director, OneOffixx GmbH).
The new version of the renowned template management system operates across platforms. In addition, a monthly software-as-a-service subscription offers a valuable alternative independent from the installation on clients’ own servers.
In the upcoming year, OneOffixx will also launch an app for Word. Due to the fact that no local data storage is necessary, the latest personalized templates are directly downloaded from the OneOffixx server. “Our template software for Office 2019 will be available in both 32bit and 64bit”, adds Elmar Barzen.

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