OneOffixx Release 2021: New Features & Functions

The new OneOffixx Release 2021 is now available. As usual, the practical and efficient template software continuously follows the development steps of Microsoft and provides customers with updated functions and improved features. What is new in OneOffixx? Find out more about the new features here.

Better search functions & more accessibility

The new OneOffixx release features an updated design, seamlessly fitting into the current Microsoft interface. Furthermore, the new release includes valuable and time-saving features, such as a more intelligent search function. In addition to searching through all fields in the client, the search can now also be precisely specified by using keywords or the new “Advanced Template Search” window.

Advanced search functions in OneOffixx

Accessibility is currently an important topic, and of course OneOffixx is also increasingly addressing this concern. OneOffixx 2021 offers numerous options and improvements in terms of accessibility, such as easier operation via Windows speech output. Customers can expect accessibility to continuously be enhanced in the future.

OneOffixx Release 2021: innovations in the dashboard

In the dashboard you can now import and export not only a bigger amount of templates or text modules, but also entire organizational units via the “Import/Export” package. The data that is exported during a normal package export can now be automatically saved, if required.

Import/export of organizational units

Both user and organization fields can now be locked globally, so that they cannot be overwritten by users. They are also now marked as “mandatory to fill in”.

Additional improvements for OneOffixx administrators

Administrators now benefit from the fact that actions can now be performed for multiple templates at the same time, such as setting statuses or adding and removing tags. In addition, template permissions can now be granted even more efficiently, as not only organizational units, but also individually definable groups and users can now be authorized even more easily and smoothly. 

Updates have also been made to the snippets and preview images. Snippets can now be duplicated with the 2021 release. It is from now on also possible to select several snippets at the same time and then move or delete them. In the preview, preview images can now be stored per document language.

As a result, managing templates is much easier with OneOffixx 2021.

Facilitated administration of templates in OneOffixx

More Clarity & simplicity with the new OneOffixx release 2021

A better clarity is not only limited to the updated template management functions. With the new OneOffixx release 2021, status updates are now displayed in the client in a much more detailed way than ever before. They provide information about

  • personal online/offline status
  • which template was created or modified by whom and when
  • which profile is used as default email profile

There are also improvements with regard to the import of address data. Addresses can now also be loaded from an Office 365 SharePoint list.

Integration of Microsoft Teams

A special highlight of the 2021 release is the integration of Microsoft Teams. The OneOffixx web client can now be used in Microsoft Teams, resulting in further synergies.

Integration of Microsoft Teams in OneOffixx

OneOffixx accelerates digitalization and networking throughout your company. With the new release, OneOffixx offers its customers numerous options to further automate work processes. Enhanced integrations contribute to the fact that resources are now used even more efficiently and in a time-saving manner. Both employees and administrators benefit from numerous simplifications in terms of creation, maintenance and updating of Microsoft documents and templates.

Der neue OneOffixx Release 2021 enthält eine erweiterte Vorlagensuche.