OneOffixx template software highly valued by real estate companies

An IT landscape that meets the requirements of a modern real estate company: This is the aspiration of von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG, which is now being further transformed into reality with the introduction of the OneOffixx template software, a product by the PrimeSoft Group.

von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG relies on PrimeSoft product OneOffixx

From market value analysis to specific sales and leasing negotiations to management, von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG covers the entire spectrum of services in the real estate sector. Thanks to increased digitalization achieved with the support of the OneOffixx template software, the company will soon benefit from numerous simplifications and automations in work processes.

Currently, a company-wide introduction of the OneOffixx modules for Microsoft Word and Outlook is in the pipeline. Thus, von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG joins the existing group of real estate companies that already use PrimeSoft’s template software product. In addition to von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG, other leading real estate companies – such as Alfred Müller, PSP Swiss Property or RMB – are among the OneOffixx client base.

A customizable standard software

OneOffixx is a proven standard software that continuously keeps pace with current developments. Thanks to numerous individual customization options, the OneOffixx template software can be directly adapted to the specific requirements of the target companies. In the project with von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG, for example, a link to the real estate management software Rimo R5 is required to enable access to required contact data at any time.

Michael Lienert (owner, von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG) confirms: “Innovative, optimized, fresh and future-oriented – this is how we experience the OneOffixx template software. In order to optimize our daily correspondence, we came across OneOffixx while searching for a suitable software. From the very first moment, this solution convinced us. We are looking forward to a future with many improvements in the daily use of Microsoft Word and Outlook files. A consistent look and feel is important to us and it can be achieved with OneOffixx.”

Central data management and a correct CI/CD on all Microsoft documents

In addition to the specifics relevant to the real estate industry, PrimeSoft’s OneOffixx product offers a number of general benefits that not only save valuable time, but also costs. The fact that all data and document templates are managed in a central location virtually eliminates data redundancy.

Thanks to the integrated authorization concept, employees can access the templates they need completely independently. This way, they create error-free documents that feature a uniform display of logos, formatting and corporate designs on letters, short letters or memos. In OneOffixx Word, the use of snippets with standardized text passages and images makes things even easier. OneOffixx for Outlook facilitates e-mail communication, as the correct e-mail signatures are automatically inserted.

Get OneOffixx for your company now

The implementation of the project with von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG has already started. The use of OneOffixx will soon lead to efficiencies in the company’s daily use of Microsoft Office as well as cost savings. Be like von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG – and put your trust in the products of the PrimeSoft Group now. Would you like to learn more about OneOffixx and our other template software solutions? Get in touch!

von Holzen Immobilien verwendet die OneOffixx Vorlagen-Software