Survey Confirms: IT Departments Increasingly Demant Template Management Systems

More document management – less routine tasks. According to a study executed by the Computerworld magazine and Swiss IT, this is currently a major demand of IT departments. The study was published in April 2020 and more than 300 heads of IT and CIOs from all over Switzerland were asked to provide insight into their prioritized IT projects. Furthermore, the main obstacles occurring regularly at work were also discussed.

IT is slowed down by routine tasks

„When taking care of the daily agenda, the work of IT is slowed down by too many routine tasks“, confirm more than 41% of the questioned CIOs. In comparison to last year, this figure has slightly increased. The situation is particularly challenging, as there is a continuous lack of specialists on the labor market. To foster the loyalty of IT staff, achieve a higher level of motivation and create attractive work environments for new and existing employees, companies increasingly are aware of staff members’ needs. 

If IT is not doing well, the negative consequences are noticeable throughout the whole company. Some of the problems arising include a high amount of frustration due to bad or lacking IT support, tensions between different departments, continuous staff changes, tiresome hiring processes and insufficiently functioning IT systems. These difficulties affect staff members throughout all levels. In addition, they also have an impact on the management as well as on interactions with clients. Facilitating the workflows of both IT and employees in general is therefore of central interest to companies.

OneOffixx template management facilitates the work of IT and all staff

By introducing the OneOffixx template management system to your company, you take a major step towards facilitating the mentioned workflows. Thanks to OneOffixx, staff members create standardized, CI/CD conform documents without any efforts. Employees do not only issue correct documents without any errors, but work a lot more independently. As such, practically no IT support is needed any longer when working with documents and templates.

Furthermore, the maintenance and support of documents and templates is facilitated, as no programming is needed when updating and changing templates. If required, authorized staff members can take care of these changes, because IT support is no longer necessary. Even the migration to a new Office version does not require any re-programming of templates, as the system is taking care of it automatically. This way, your company saves valuable IT capacities and reduces tiresome, repetitive tasks related to templates to a minimum.

Less templates, less IT support

Due to the comprehensive authorization system provided by OneOffixx, users have access to just the right amount of templates. OneOffixx automatically synchronizes updates and changes in templates and distributes them all over the company within seconds. For this process, no extra IT involvement is needed.

Another significant benefit of the OneOffixx template management software concerns dynamic elements which form part of its architecture. They allow for flexible adjustments and significantly reduce the amount of necessary templates. As such, IT departments have a better overview on all templates and there are generally less templates to take care of.

OneOffixx closes security gaps

The OneOffixx template management software is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Office interface. It is one of the reasons why the software is extremely user-friendly and obtains a very high level of user acceptance. Once users have learned the basics, further training efforts by IT are reduced to a minimum.

OneOffixx also closes security gaps. As the template software does not include any macros, your corporate safety increases. All documents created with OneOffixx are free of references to servers or URLs and no sensitive data is leaving the company’s sphere of influence.

Security and digitalization are the major concerns of IT

As the study executed by Computerworld and Swiss IT shows, projects in the area of IT security have the highest priority among Swiss CIOs. In addition, software solutions supporting processes of digitalization rank particularly high and remain in the corporate focus. The OneOffixx template management software supports companies both ways. Therefore, it is no surprise that 23% of the CIOs rank projects in the area of document management among the highly prioritized tasks. The introduction of a template management software such as OneOffixx keeps being an important factor that not only IT but a company as a whole benefits from.

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Vorlagen-Software-Systeme wie OneOffixx werden von IT Abteilungen verstärkt nachgefragt.