Increasing Success for OneOffixx also in Germany

For approximately three years, the Swiss template software OneOffixx has been increasingly successful in Germany. The well-known template management systems of the PrimeSoft Group – which OneOffixx forms part of – have more than 600.000 users worldwide. They are currently the #1 in the DACH region.

Usability and depth of functionality as key factors

The OneOffixx module for Word templates sets the bar particularly high. Key factors include its usability as well as the depth of functionality and the complete independence of new Microsoft Office versions. These are the main reasons why OneOffixx for Word is currently most in demand among potential new users.

„OneOffixx has a very high level of user acceptance“, confirms Elmar Barzen (Managing Director, OneOffixx Germany). „Due to the fact that our template management solution has such an intuitive level of usability, employees work smoothly and benefit from facilitated workflows right away. Thanks to OneOffixx, the distribution of internal resources is optimized and staff trainings are reduced to a minimum.“

OneOffixx: customers profit from fast implementation times and more security

Users and clients particularly appreciate the comparably low implementation time for the software. „Lately, we managed to complete an implementation for a new client within just four weeks“, states Sebastian Walther (Head of Professional Services, OneOffixx Germany). New interfaces to various CRM, DMS and ERP systems are continuously developed to support customers in the best possible way. As a result, OneOffixx is seamlessly integrated into existing IT environments.

OneOffixx is a comprehensive solution for Microsoft Office and supports all current versions of the Office suite. Thanks to OneOffixx, time-consuming adjustments of single templates are no longer needed when moving to a new Office version. In addition, the manually intense adaptation of all templates – for example in case of a change of management or branding – is eliminated.

The renowned template software also has a very high level of security due to the absence of macros. „These are additional reasons why customers decide for OneOffixx – in Germany and beyond“, confirms Elmar Barzen.

The popularity of OneOffixx keeps increasing in Germany

The popularity of OneOffixx is continuously increasing on the German market. In addition to the mentioned benefits, OneOffixx ensures that employees across all locations work with the latest templates and correct corporate designs at all times. Changes of the corporate identity are centrally updated and practical snippets are easily inserted into a document thanks to the drag & drop function. This way, the legal compliance of documents is also enhanced.

The individually adjustable authorization system guarantees a specific and individual access to templates for each user. It is no longer necessary for staff members to search for the correct templates, as the storage of templates is optimally structured and facilitated.

Thanks to OneOffixx employees need less IT support

If needed, authorized staff members can easily execute template changes in OneOffixx. Employees and colleagues across all departments work more independently and the IT support for templates is drastically reduced.

„The benefits of our template management software are very obvious for OneOffixx customers“, summarizes Elmar Barzen. „Therefore, it is not a surprise that the popularity of OneOffixx is quickly increasing in Germany.” In the DACH region, several new projects are already in the pipeline.