Family Excursion by Boat from Rorschach to Kreuzlingen

The annual OneOffixx family excursion included a trip by boat from Rorschach to Kreuzlingen to visit the local Lake Museum

Once a year, OneOffixx invites their employees and families to a family excursion. This time, we decided to take a trip by boat from Rorschach to Kreuzlingen, including a lovely meal on the boat. Once we arrived in Kreuzlingen, we took a walk along the lake and visited the local Lake Museum, where we learned about riding boats and the fishing industry on Lake Bodensee. The exciting story of the sunken steamship Jura rounded up the program at the museum. We also offered a visit to the otters, which was greatly enjoyed by the kids.

Bild Familienausflug
The OneOffixx team on this year’s family excursion.

Last but not least, we included a sporty activity and played some mini-golf. The OneOffixx family excursion finished off at a local restaurant with laughter and good conversations. All in all it was a great day for the big and small members of the Sevitec and OneOffixx families!