New OneOffixx Modules for Excel and PowerPoint: All Features at a Glance

The new OneOffixx modules for Excel and PowerPoint are now available for purchase. The optimized editions profoundly facilitate the creation of presentations, statistics and diagrams in a unified corporate design.

New OneOffixx Module reduce a range of errors even faster

OneOffixx gradually guides employees through all necessary steps when creating corporate documents. Thanks to a logical and intuitive user guidance, countless sources of manual errors are drastically reduced.

Also, it is now even easier for users to master formatting procedures, which were extremely time-consuming previously. Due to the fact that only corporate fonts and formats are displayed in both Excel and PowerPoint, employees automatically use the correct specifications. The range of colors primarily includes the corporate colors. At the same time an unlimited amount of RGB values and gradations can be provided.

There are also good news for OneOffixx clients using a multilingual edition of the popular template management software. An improved support for languages ensures that from now on, spelling checks are available in foreign languages as well.

Corporate design check at the click of a button – thanks to OneOffixx for PowerPoint

All updated functions can be applied on both new, as well as existing presentations and slides. Original PowerPoint presentations based on an old layout are easily converted to the latest design guidelines. This way, slides are adjusted within a minimum amount of time and display the correct corporate design at the klick of a button.

Dual control: At the klick of a mouse, the final corporate design check examines whether the correct corporate guidelines are displayed. In case a slide differs from the respective regulations, it is automatically corrected thanks to OneOffixx.

In PowerPoint, the unified corporate slide master is saved as a standard. Therefore, all manual formatting procedures concerning the slidemaster become obsolete. At the same time, the internal exchange of slides is significantly facilitated, as all formattings are correctly and automatically transmitted by OneOffixx.

Creating diagrams even faster with OneOffixx for Excel

The new OneOffixx module for Excel presents only diagrams and colors which are in line with the corporate design guidelines. This way, it is guaranteed that all data is graphically presented in the correct design.

The question on whether to work with a horizontal or a vertical format is now easily resolved: The new OneOffixx modules execute a format change of Excel workbooks at the klick of a button. In addition, an extra function focusing on the display and hiding of the corporate logo at a given position has also been integrated.

For existing workbooks that do not yet correspond to the corporate guidelines, the OneOffixx module for Excel offers an automatic transition of all color and font themes. As such, these main corporate elements can be integrated into the regular Excel functions and formulas without any extra effort. 

New OneOffixx modules are available as standard and enterprise versions

The new OneOffixx modules are available as a standard version. For PowerPoint, OneOffixx offers an additional, comprehensive enterprise edition as well. As usual, a seamless integration into Microsoft Office is guaranteed for all versions.

The OneOffixx functions are comprehensively presented in the personal corporate tab, ensuring a perfect overview. They support employees to create PowerPoint presentations and Excel workbooks even faster and easier than ever before.

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Neue OneOffixx Module für Excel und PowerPoint: Mit den Updates der beliebten Vorlagensoftware lassen sich Ihre Firmendokumente nun noch einfacher erstellen!