OneOffixx not affected by Log4J / Log4Shell vulnerability

With OneOffixx customers are on the safe side, as OneOffixx is not affected by the current security vulnerability of the Java component Log4J / Log4Shell. 

Numerous enterprises and institutions are struggling with the consequences

Many companies and also public authorities are currently suffering from the consequences of the security gap, causing possible dangers of unauthorized access to sensitive information. Rightly so, affected companies and institutions are very concerned, even though the very massive security gap is already being closed by the Log4J developers.

OneOffixx is not a Java application – and not affected

OneOffixx customers do not need to worry about the current security problems. Due to the fact that OneOffixx is not a Java application and does not use any Log4J, the proven template software is not affected by the critical security vulnerability.

Further information on the Log4J / Log4Shell security vulnerability

Further technical information on the current vulnerability can be found on the website of the German Federal Office for Information Security and the Swiss Government Computer Emergency Response Team. The official CVE and latest status update of the vulnerability can also be found in the National Vulnerability Database of the US government.

For additional questions, please contact the OneOffixx team at any time.

OneOffixx not affected by Log4Shell vulnerability