Implenia uses OneOffixx template software as SaaS

Template software for the cloud: With Implenia, another renowned company relies on the proven services of OneOffixx by PrimeSoft. The Implenia Group has been using OneOffixx as a SaaS solution throughout the company since July 2021.

OneOffixx business suite in use for multiple brands

As a leading Swiss construction and real estate service provider, Implenia develops and realizes living spaces, working environments and infrastructure for future generations in Switzerland and Germany. Implenia also plans and builds complex infrastructure projects in Austria, France, Sweden and Norway. Now the company is relying on the OneOffixx template solution in the Azure Cloud.

OneOffixx replaces the in-house programs previously used for template management. Among other reasons, the replacement was necessary due to the fact that the further development of in-house template management was no longer possible and the focus was on a solution that could be used internationally. With the PrimeSoft Group, Implenia now relies on a proven and stable partner with many years of experience in template software. The use of the OneOffixx standard software provides Implenia with the necessary planning and operational reliability.

OneOffixx template software in the cloud ensures flexibility and reduced use of resources

The cloud operation of OneOffixx on the Microsoft Azure platform ensures high server availability, while no in-house resources are tied up for server operation. Employees can flexibly access the OneOffixx template management from all national and international locations as well as on the road.

The project was implemented in seven months. Implenia now has the complete OneOffixx Business Suite for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook in use for several brands. The implementation of the OneOffixx template solution was characterized by a very pleasant and cooperative partnership. 

Simplified creation, work and management of and with documents

In Word, a large number of different templates have been reduced to a total of 40, some of them being highly complex. This was mainly achieved due to the targeted use of snippets, which can be conveniently inserted into documents via drag & drop or via logic integrated into the template. In addition, snippets are responsible for significantly reducing sources of error when composing documents. 

The reduction to far fewer and at the same time intelligently structured templates not only simplifies template management at Implenia, but also provides a much better overview of all document templates in Word. All templates are available to employees at the klick of a button, depending on authorization rights.

Further CI/CD standardization and simplification is provided by OneOffixx for PowerPoint and Excel, which Implenia also uses for several brands. The uniform Outlook signatures, which – like all documents – are personalized, round off the OneOffixx spectrum at Implenia.

Professional cooperation at eye level

What contributed to the success of the project was the fact that some of the difficulties underlying the Microsoft programs could be defused via workarounds. This way for example, a Microsoft bug leading to performance problems was erased via the help of a workaround.

“The introduction of OneOffixx was very well and professionally supported by the customer. This concerns both the project management and the specification, testing and release of the templates. The cooperation was always pleasant and took place at eye level. Challenges were successfully mastered together and pragmatically”, PrimeSoft project manager Markus Nyffenegger concludes.

OneOffixx als SaaS für Implenia