OneOffixx is now integrated into Microsoft Teams

With the latest release of the OneOffixx template software, you can from now on conveniently access your documents and templates in Microsoft Teams as well. This new feature of the PrimeSoft Group’s template product now simplifies your digital teamwork even further.

Messaging service with template functions

It is now possible to use OneOffixx templates in Microsoft Teams channels to create, open, share and edit new documents. This way, employees and coworkers save a lot of time when working as a team on letters, spreadsheets or presentations.

OneOffixx is now integrated into Microsoft Teams
Fig. 1: OneOffixx document created in Microsoft Teams

Errors in documents significantly reduced

It is no longer necessary to send documents back and forth via email or pile up comments and change requests during joint editing. Instead, workgroups edit documents together online and communicate live via chat or calls. For digital work units and remote working groups, the new feature of the OneOffixx template software thus offers a range of benefits, such as significantly reducing errors in shared documents.

The circulation of multiple variants of one and the same document is further prevented. The central management of data and documents ensures that departmental or process-related Microsoft Teams channels always access the most current and correct version of a document. 

Proven OneOffixx features are now at hand in the Microsoft messaging service

The integration of the OneOffixx template software into Microsoft Teams provides users with numerous practical features, which for many years have faciliated work processes for regular OneOffixx customers.

OneOffixx documents automatically comply with company or brand specific CI/CD guidelines regarding colors, designs, logos and other formatting. This means that employees can create documents much faster, while at the same time not having to worry about the correct formatting.

Flexible access thanks to the intelligent authorization concept

Thanks to the new feature, templates that exist in your OneOffixx WebClient can also be seamlessly made available in Microsoft Teams. Depending on the authorization rights, employees are able to access them flexibly from any location.

Fig. 2: Overview of all template groups available in Microsoft Teams

Thanks to the OneOffixx template software, employees create consistent and error-free documents such as contracts, memos, letters, statistics or presentations. The corporate design is automatically displayed correctly on all of them. Would you like to introduce OneOffixx in your company? Get in touch!

OneOffixx is now integrated into Microsoft Teams