Smooth template creation & better tools: features of the new OneOffixx release

The new OneOffixx 2019-2 release was recently launched. As usual, it includes a range of new features that are particularly targeted to the areas of template creation and administration. Usability, maintenance efforts and performance will improve with the new release.

Responding to customer requests

At OneOffixx, customer requests have the highest priority. Thanks to the valuable feedback of OneOffixx clients, additional features were added to the new version.

The latest release ensures that the daily work with templates will be even easier for users, administrators and employees in charge of the template management. This way, they will be able to complete their tasks even more efficiently than before.

Optimized template creation and management

In the area of template management, a re-vamped recipient dialogue, as well as the enhanced creation of multilingual snippets improve usability aspects and speed up workflows. Users can now change and monitor snippets in an even better and smoother way. This way, the operations of international enterprises putting emphasis on a standardized and correct content of documents are facilitated.

Powerful tools for users and administrators

The new OneOffixx version includes both new and improved tools to foster (digital) collaboration in the areas of template creation and management. This way, the (digital) teamwork related to templates, organizational units and profiles is facilitated.

Clients taking advantage of several systems (e.g. a test and a productive system) obtain new functions to smoothly exchange content between their various systems.

Timed changes in organizational structures

A new feature regarding organizational structures facilitates the workflows of OneOffixx administrators. From now on, planned changes – such as e.g. a new phone number or the change of a board member – do not need to be executed on the effective date. Instead, authorized employees can register the update in advance and determine a specific validity date, if needed. On the given date, OneOffixx automatically executes the necessary changes

Optimized template creation and management with the OneOffixx template software.

Transfer of authorization rights for templates

Thanks to the new release, it is now possible that templates and organizational units inherit previously determined authorization rights. Authorization rights can be arranged into hierarchies, which significantly reduces the maintenance efforts. A better control and monitoring of the company’s template management is another great side effect.

OneOffixx template creation - hierarchies can be inherited, which drastically reduces the maintenance efforts for the system

Improved distribution of templates

Not only is the amount of OneOffixx clients growing, but also the average size of our customers is increasing. These facts imply that also the amount of templates, which need to be distributed to users, is rising. The new OneOffixx release therefore includes a completely new synchronization concept, which distributes bigger amounts of data to users in a much faster and smoother way.

Thanks to the new release, OneOffixx clients can now profit from even more benefits. Are you new to OneOffixx and would like to get to know our template management system live? Get in touch!

Das neue OneOffixx Release verbessert die Document Creation und sorgt für eine noch intuitivere Bedienung.