Why you are Better Off with the OneOffixx Template Solution

Many companies underestimate the timeframe necessary for the maintenance, support and updates of Office templates.

OneOffixx decreases personnel expenses

IT departments are overwhelmed by the additional amount of work. To provide management and colleagues with a permanent access to the latest – and correctly functioning – templates, there is no time to take care of the essential workflows.

Higher personnel expenses within IT are not the only negative side effect. Most employees struggle, when executing complicated macros and working with unmanageable templates. Processes intended to facilitate workflows suddenly turn into time-consuming obstacles. These situations take their toll on the corporate costs. Formatting errors, incorrect information in documents, frustration and inefficient workflows make management and employees suffer. In a longterm perspective, your clients are effected as well.

The OneOffixx template solution creates lean and efficient workflows, disburdening your employees and de-freezing capacities. The design of your documents in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint is perfectly unified and error-free

OneOffixx creates structure in your template chaos

A template solution on the basis of an established software takes care of your structures. OneOffixx helps you get rid of in-house template chaos. Each employee has access to their personal set of templates due to a central data management. An extensive set of authorization rights enables users to work only with templates relevant for them. All templates are transparently arranged. Your IT department easily updates each template with no more than a few mouse-klicks. The latest OneOffixx templates are on display in realtime. Document chaos is a thing of the past.

OneOffixx guarantees stability and minimizes your risk

An established template solution guarantees a high level of stability. Companies frequently let single programmers or freelancers take care of their document management. So what happens if that particular employee is not available any longer?

OneOffixx is a product of the renowned manufacturer Sevitec Informatik AG, which was founded in 1999. The success of your company is not dependent on single individuals.

Security, however, is also a technical matter. OneOffixx operates without any macros. All documents created in OneOffixx are free from VBScripts, as well as from references to servers or paths. All documents can be transferred without any technical risks. Comprehensive system tests paired with our longstanding expertise guarantee the highest level of quality.

OneOffixx is individually configurated and less expensive

OneOffixx is individually adjusted to the requirements and the development of your company. The template solution is easily configurable. New brands, locations, departmens, users or changes of the corporate identity are smoothly integrated and updated in the system. Save additional IT capacities by getting rid of tiresome re-programming processes.

And how about the costs? The OneOffixx template solution is usually not only less expensive, but also more efficient than individually programmed templates. In comparison to individual solutions, the software is financed by a range of clients and keeps being developed continuously. This way, a high level of functionality is guaranteed. Additional supplements are available at your disposal. When developing templates individually, your company has to cover the complete costs of the development. Furthermore, the templates are limited to the specifically required functions. The level of functionality is low in most cases and updates may be cumbersome.

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