Benefit from Increased Security with Template Software

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There are situations in daily life and business which we cannot control. We all know the feeling of uncertainty, when technologies keep developing or major incidents change the world affairs. A proven template software such as OneOffixx offers a stable framework, assuring data security and legal certainty. At the same time, a unified brand identity is achieved.

Remain flexible and meet challenges with OneOffixx

In times of change, it is important to have the reassurance that we are able to meet challenges by taking action. Template software was developed to support companies meeting challenges, while offering an additional level of stability.

We live and work in times of high-speed and constant change. Legal frameworks, as well as requirements with regard to data security keep changing and new technical possibilities are constantly emerging. These developments heavily influence the way we cooperate and work. Thanks to a high level of standardization and interconnectedness – such as template software is offering – companies are able to flexibly grow, consolidate, adapt and re-structure without taking unnecessarily high risks.

Template software enables flexible work models

When taking advantage of template software, it does not make a difference if employees work out of an office or from home. It also does not matter whether they obtain advanced technical skills or keep using the same programs on a daily basis. Thanks to saas solutions and cloud services, centrally maintained documents are accessible from nearly any location. The flexible service level enables staff members from different teams and departments to cooperate in a smooth and efficient way. Processes are easy to understand and the usability of the template software is highly intuitive. This way, training periods for staff are significantly reduced and valuable IT capacities are set free.

The flexibility of work processes and their related structures is increasing worldwide. This general trend is particularly true in case of unforeseeable circumstances, but also way beyond. Template software covers the emerging distances, when employees for example have less personal contact or work in different time zones. The automatic synchronization of data makes manual and repetitive workflows redundant. It is no longer necessary to inform each colleague separately in case of emerging changes in a document, branding or wording. Instead, valuable staff resources are liberated, as processes, workflows and updates are executed automatically.

OneOffixx makes you take advantage of these benefits. The template software system increases your company’s level of flexibility, facilitates workflows and unfreezes resources.

Working hand in hand

Errors due to a lack of transmission of information are drastically reduced. Employees are able to cooperate better and more flexibly than ever before. Thanks to a clever template software, relevant data is available across all of your company’s locations. Access to the corporate data is granted on different types of end user gadgets, offering the highest level of flexibility.

Employees do not need to deal with uncertainties or insecurities any longer. Thanks to the standardized branding, users can fully rely on the up-to-dateness of the documents they work with. Such a high level of document reliability is only possible, when companies obtain unified templates across all locations and incorrect content is no longer spread by mistake. Standardized templates offer enhanced continuity and enable a seamless cooperation among employees even in flexible and digital work environments.

With OneOffixx your company benefits from a seamless exchange of data and documents. The corporate design, as well as your company’s brand identity are correctly displayed at all times. Thanks to template software, the dilution of brands is practically no longer possible. 

Template software guarantees more security for employees and your company

How do I adjust information to the corporate identity of my company? What can I do in case of a data break-down? Are the existing documents up-to-date and legally certain?

A template software system automatically takes care of incidents such as the mentioned ones and many others. Users are aware that they always work with the latest version of a specific document. Furthermore, they are no longer responsible for eventual corporate financial setbacks caused by legal changes in contracts or other documents.

OneOffixx increases the legal certainty of documents and templates and helps save time while reducing the risk of errors.

Full corporate identity compliance thanks to template software

In a template software system, your corporate identity is saved as a standard throughout all templates. Employees neither need to take care of the correct layout themselves, nor memorize the design guidelines. Your brands are correctly displayed and staff members save valuable time, which instead can be dedicated to core tasks. As such, OneOffixx does not only liberate marketing and brand management from time-consuming tasks, but all staff members across all departments.

Templates are managed and maintained by authorized employees. This way, everybody can benefit from an easy access to clear and unified templates, while the risk of potential errors is reduced. Daily workflows are facilitated, making work processes again more enjoyable.

With OneOffixx your company takes advantage of an increased level of security on many layers. At the same time, staff members have less uncertainty with regard to corporate and legal requirements. Repetitive workflows are significantly reduced and a higher level of efficiency and motivation is achieved.

Die beliebte OneOffixx Vorlagensoftware erhöht die Sicherheit in Ihrem Unternehmen und baut Unsicherheiten ab.