A Strengthened Management in Challenging Times

OneOffixx is strengthening its management in challenging times. Due to the current situation with regard to COVID-19, it was decided that Robert Schreyer and Juerg Geiser will head the Swiss OneOffixx branch as Co-Managing Directors. The new management reinforcement is in operation as of today.

Together with Elmar Barzen – the Managing Director of the Munich office – Robert Schreyer and Juerg Geiser form a triple leadership. This way, OneOffixx is well prepared and able to operate as efficiently as possible in light of the critical circumstances. The decision to reinforce the management results from an enhanced management requirement emerging from the current situation. Furthermore, OneOffixx preventively wants to counteract an eventual staff shortage due to a higher risk of sickness leaves.

The strengthened OneOffixx team remains in full operation. You can contact us by phone, as well as via email during working hours and we regularly proceed with all projects.

Robert Schreyer und Jürg Geiser fungieren als Co-Geschäftsführer von Sevitec Informatik AG und dem Schweizer OneOffixx-Team.