OneOffixx is PDAG’s Number 1!

Outstanding support and excellent usability

Psychiatric services tailored to each patient’s specific needs: This is the mission of PDAG (Psychiatrische Dienste Aargau AG), a corporation run by the Swiss canton of Aargau. Today, PDAG offers work to more than 1 200 employees and specialists within the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy. Besides offering general services, PDAG specializes in geriatric, child and adolescent psychiatry, among others.

„I am enthusiastic about OneOffixx because it is extremely user-friendly. The support has been outstanding both throughout various project stages and on a daily basis.“

Stefan Bernhard,
Head of Finance and IT, Executive Board Member

Initial situation

As the previously used template management system was not maintained any longer and PDAG lacked the internal know-how for its development and maintenance, a new software had to be introduced. The future system should be user-friendly, especially when creating and adjusting new templates. Another requirement was a swift and professional support offered by the manufacturer.


An internal rating made it clear: OneOffixx offered the best possible solution in comparison to competing products. Adresses, organizational units and email signatures were centrally adjusted and the corporate design was swiftly implemented. PDAG’s management appreciated the professional training conducted by the OneOffixx team.

„Our cooperation was outstanding and very smooth. All project goals were fulfilled.” (Stefan Bernhard, Head of Finance and IT, Executive Board Member)

Advantages of OneOffixx

The cost-benefit ratio of OneOffixx exceeded the one of products offered by competitors. Other advantages were the outstanding usability, as well as the rapid and smooth implementation of existing templates. „The acceptance level for OneOffixx is very high for both new and existing users. It is reflected in the requests for adaptation we receive from our employees on a regular basis.“ (Stefan Bernhard, Head of Finance and IT, Executive Board Member)

I am excited about OneOffixx because:

…its user-friendliness is extraordinary. It is one of the reasons why the system is so well accepted by our users. The support offered by OneOffixx has been exemplary both throughout various project stages and on a daily basis.

Project information
  • Clinical enterprise

  • Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel

  • 510

  • Office 2013 on Windows 7

  • (Swiss online phone directory), Outlook (email client)

  • 6 months