KIBAG relies on OneOffixx

Stable, reliable and user-friendly

In the areas of building materials and construction, the KIBAG group is one of the biggest players on the Swiss market. Starting out as a medium-sized company in the 1920s, KIBAG has become one of the most important enterprises within this field of expertise: Today, 35 gravel plants and concrete factories, more than 15 construction enterprises, as well as various subcontractors enrolled in recycling and waste management are part of the KIBAG group. As such, KIBAG plays an important role both for the Swiss building industry and the environment.

„I am excited about OneOffixx, because it is reliable and extremely user-friendly”

Christian Schollenberger, CIO, KIBAG-Gruppe

Initial situation

While moving to Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 64-bit, the KIBAG group experienced grave difficulties due to the fact that the previously used solution did not support this system update. In addition, incorrect templates emerged on an almost daily basis, as several users concurrently accessed the same directory. The KIBAG management got to know about OneOffixx via a personal recommendation: The project managers were delighted about the extraordinary usability and reliability of the template management system provided by OneOffixx.


The main challenge of this project was the fact that all existing processes for issuing documents – especially the integration with SharePoint to generate additional enclosures for offers – had to operate smoothly at all times. Despite the challenging guidelines, the new OneOffixx templates were created within a short amount of time. Today, a smooth operation on the basis of Microsoft Office 2016 64-bit is guaranteed. The integration with Share-Point allows for even the most sophisticated attachments to offers in an easy way. Thanks to OneOffixx, the KIBAG group finally achieved all project objectives concluded back in 2013.

Advantages of OneOffixx

As a highly innovative enterprise, it is part of KIBAG’s mission to provide clients and employees with the best possible solutions. As previous operating processes did not serve any longer, there was no choice but to look for other options. „Moving to OneOffixx was a sensible and obvious choice. Introducing the new templates was a very smooth process. Ever since we have started using OneOffixx, it is much easier to configure new templates. The perfect integration into Microsoft Office makes overall usability much more intuitive and fun. Integrating Abacus into the system was a great idea, ensuring that all email signatures are always up-to-date. OneOffixx is a great product!» (Christian Schollenberger, CIO, KIBAG)”

I am excited about OneOffixx because:

…all processes of our project were goal-oriented, but flexible at the same time. The OneOffixx team worked very efficiently and reaction times were short. Thanks to OneOffixx, KIBAG finally achieved its 2013 project objectives.

Project information
  • Construction, recycling, waste management

  • Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint

  • 650

  • 2016 64bit

  • (Swiss online phone directory), Outlook (E-Mail Client), Abacus (ERP-System)

  • 5 months