Lobo Suisse

OneOffixx perfekt in das Dokumenten Management System lobodms integriert

Lobo Suisse is convinced that "the fast ones eat up the slow ones". The company is completely focusing on innovation. Lobe Suisse believes that it is only possible to be successful in a world of change when fostering the mental flexibility of employees, putting emphasis on the scalability of products and making the dynamic requirements of clients a priority. Innovation is key for success.

„OneOffixx is the best solution for a professional template management!“

Andreas Fuchs, CEO

About the partner software

lobodms is a comprehensive document management system (DMS), providing a complete functionality. Based on state-of-the-art technology, it is currently one of the most innovative products on the market.

The solution

For lobodms, Lobo Suisse evaluated an external template management solution. From a process perspective (creating and editing documents etc.), the new system should be at least as efficient as the internal solution. The product OneOffixx completely convinced Lobo Suisse. With all other systems, Lobo Suisse put in twice the effort, while not achieving the required level of integration. 

The implementation

Once users create a new Word document, they get access to OneOffixx directly via a dossier or a specific lobodms section. A range of OneOffixx templates is displayed in line with the context. Once a template is selected, OneOffixx automatically transmits the existing meta information to the template. The document is now opened in Word for further editing. For editing, all OneOffixx tools and resources are available. "The required level of integration was already achieved in the first project. OneOffixx completely fulfills all the requirements and functionalities of a professional template management. OneOffixx is based on a modern technology and has a great solution architecture", confirms Andreas Fuchs, CEO of Lobo Suisse.

The cooperation

The cooperation was very, very good. I specifically want to mention the great engagement of the OneOffixx team, as well as their readiness to make adjustments in their own software. This way, Lobo Suisse could achieve the ambitious goals.


Andreas Fuchs, CEO, Lobo Suisse 

OneOffixx benefits

“Before we came across OneOffixx, we had never seen any template management achieve such a great level of integrity when putting in comparable efforts. In comparison to the other products, OneOffixx has a more modern technology, as well as a better architecture. OneOffixx has convinced us, because it fulfills all user requirements and because it can be completely integrated into other systems." (Andreas Fuchs, CEO)

I am enthusiastic about OneOffixx, because:

…OneOffixx is the best solution for a template management that I have ever seen. Despite its great range of functionality, OneOffixx is a smooth and lean system that is easy to handle.