Baudirektion Kanton Zürich

A unified template management system to save time and costs

Baudirektion Kanton Zürich is a public enterprise operating in Switzerland’s largest city Zurich and the surrounding canton. Not only is it responsible for primary supplies, such as water and road construction: It is also an important regional employer, offering work for more than 1 600 employees. Its main fields of expertise cover all activities with regards to planning, constructing, preserving and running public buildings and facilities. The main goal of the authorities is to provide an excellent infrastructure to the canton of Zurich, making it one of the most attractive locations in Switzerland for people and companies alike.

„At Baudirektion Kanton Zürich we rely on OneOffixx.“

Markus Rinderer, project manager

Initial situation

Previously Baudirektion Kanton Zürich used more than 600 templates which had been updated by external technicians. Because it was possible for employees to individually adapt these templates, some of the issued documents did not conform to the standards of the authorities. Furthermore, it was the governing council’s wish to create a documentation system in line with the corporate identity.


The OneOffixx modules and templates facilitate the standardization and unification of the authorities’ complete documentation system. The total number of templates is significantly reduced now, which provides a better overview while saving costs at the same time. Today, individual adaptations for different departments ensure flexibility within the scheme of operation.

„OneOffixx stood out in the selection process and it completely satisfies our demands.“ (Markus Rinderer, project manager)

Project information
  • Public enterprise

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • 1.500

  • 2007 on Windows 7 (project launch 2014), 2016 on Windows 10 (migration 2017)

  • ZH Directory, cobra (CRM), Lotus Notes GeKoapproval (specific governmental application)

  • 5 months (finalized in early 2014)