Three reasons why companies and public enterprises are more successful with a document template management software:

OneOffixx Document Template Management System for Microsoft Office and Office 365

Save capacities, time and money with the Swiss standard software solution.

The OneOffixx document template management enables you to create Office documents, taking advantage of the latest content and company-wide formatting standards. With OneOffixx, a corporate management strategy for document templates is easily implemented. It covers all locations, brands, as well as languages and is executed on all devices. OneOffixx is not dependent on a specific Microsoft Office version.

Reason 1: Liberates IT from time-consuming duties

Creating, adjusting and changing templates, as well as countless requests for support from users are extremely labor-intensive IT tasks. OneOffixx releases your IT from such workflows and defreezes valuable capacities.

  • No programming is necessary for the maintenance of templates, snippets and location addresses. Authorized staff members update changes directly in the central OneOffixx database.
  • The amount of Word templates is significantly reduced due to dynamic elements featured in OneOffixx templates. All documents are personalized, as well as conform to CI/CD standards. Up-to-date content is added even before opening Word.
  • Templates are provided individually on the basis of a comprehensive authorization right system via the Active Directory. All templates are available in both online and offline modes.
  • Reduction of support requests: The OneOffixx document template management is a reliable standard software renowned for its intuitive usability and excellent user acceptance.

Reason 2: Increases legal certainty

The General Data Protection Regulation shows the pressure for change, which legally effective articles and wordings are subject to. The dynamic OneOffixx elements provide the latest, state-of-the-art legal wordings at all times. Authorized staff members maintain and update them independently.

Reason 3: Strengthens your brands

Every day, departments, teams and staff members create countless Office documents across various company locations. Monitoring the correct display and application of brands in emails, letters, contracts, presentations or calculation sheets often turns into a frustrating process. Thanks to the OneOffixx document template management, all workplaces use the latest templates, which are in line with your company’s CI/CD standards. All documents are unified and free of formatting errors. This way, your brands are automatically strengthened.

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    OneOffixx runs on Microsoft Windows 8.2, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Terminal Server, Citrix Terminal Server and is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 (in 32 bit and 64 bit versions). An integration into your CRM, ERP and DMS is supported. From June 2019, OneOffixx will be available for Office 365 on Android and iOS.