PrimeSoft’s OneOffixx product for Microsoft Word and Outlook is now in use at the City of Zug

Stadt Zug
Initial situation:

The administration of the city of Zug consisting of different departments, divisions, offices and specialized agencies is the central point of contact for numerous public services.

A template software for Microsoft Office had already been in operation for around 10 years. In connection with the introduction of a new corporate design, the city of Zug took advantage of the situation to replace the existing template management with a new system meeting the increased requirements.

Benefits of the new solution for the customer:
  • comprehensive support service
  • more stability and better technical execution
  • regular & automatic software updates
  • integration of KLIBnet
  • less templates due to snippets
  • easy update of templates
  • reduced maintenance effort for templates
  • multilingual templates
  • intuitive operation
  • users quickly find their way around the system

PrimeSoft's OneOffixx product for Microsoft Word and Outlook is now in use at the City of Zug with 330 licenses. By switching from the old system to OneOffixx, the city administration benefits from a software solution that not only works better, but also has an excellent support service.

PrimeSoft's OneOffixx provides regular software updates. In addition, the complete integration of KLIBnet - a software specifically designed for governmental needs - makes the daily work agenda easier for the municipal employees. The authorities also benefit from the fact that all templates are available in both German and English, with language selection easily customizable at the click of a button.

Additional highlights of the new template solution for Word and Outlook are its stability and technical execution. Thanks to practical snippets, the number of templates required is significantly reduced and templates can be quickly updated with just a few clicks. As a result, the maintenance effort for the templates of the city of Zug are reduced, while usability has increased at the same time. OneOffixx is very user-friendly and new users find their way around the new program very quickly.

About the cooperation:

The cooperation within the framework of the OneOffixx software implementation was goal-oriented, pleasant and based on partnership. The project was successfully finalized in compliance with the framework conditions.

More OneOffixx customers

We are proud that the following customers trust in the OneOffixx template management solution and benefit daily from facilitated work processes and a standardized corporate design.