OneOffixx as a Service: Benefits of a SaaS Solution

Lately, an ever increasing amount of enterprises is acquiring software as a service (SaaS). SaaS offers a range of benefits, which regular software solutions were not able to cover previously. OneOffixx passes this set of benefits on to clients. Therefore, the popular OneOffixx template management system is now also available as a SaaS solution.

Reduced implementation time, more flexibility

One of the major differences in comparison to the regular OneOffixx version is the fact, that the software is operated on the manufacturer’s servers. Clients get a direct access from these servers and they use the software now as a service. For OneOffixx clients, it is no longer necessary to supply the required infrastructure and processing power internally. Instead, the hardware for the software operation is provided by the manufacturer.

For the synchronization and authorization processes of OneOffixx as a Service, only Office 365 and a regular internet connection are required. OneOffixx clients are no longer dependent on the intranet or on other corporate networks. Thanks to the SaaS solution, updates and new templates are distributed even faster. The great result is a significant reduction of implementation times. 

In line with the regular software version, OneOffixx as a Service is accessible in offline mode as well and can be operated without a permanent internet connection.

Transparent costs without any major investments

The cost structure of OneOffixx as a Service is advantageous on many levels. First of all, no major investments are required for obtaining the software. Instead, all licensing, maintenance and operating costs are covered by a monthly user fee. As such, they form part of the corporate operating statement. Tthe costs for server infrastructure are also reduced, because the operation of OneOffixx as a Service is outsourced.

To sum it up, an increased transparency of costs is guaranteed and the total costs are clearly evident at a glance. With OneOffixx as a Service, the operating expenses are easily calculated and planned for.

A flexible amount of licenses

OneOffixx as a Service provides clients with a higher level of flexibility and they can react on changes much faster. The amount of licenses and users can be easily reduced or increased within a minimum amount of time. This way, the SaaS solution ensures that the number of existing user licenses corresponds to the real-time requirements of OneOffixx clients at any given moment.

The internal structures are optimally utilized to capacity. In times of high-speed and digital changes, the wide range of flexibility provided by OneOffixx as a Service supports a timely reaction on unforseeable challenges and changes.

SaaS facilitates teamwork

In addition to the mentioned benefits, SaaS solutions facilitate teamwork. It facilitates a more efficient organization of digital teams and projects across locations. A functioning internet connection is all it takes to operate OneOffixx as a Service. It is therefore no longer necessary to separately connect various gadgets and workstations to the software system.

Thanks to OneOffixx as a Service, users can commonly edit and take advantage of unified documents. At the same time, they keep working on them independently across different time zones and locations.

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Die beliebte OneOffixx Vorlagenlösung ist nun auch "as a Service" (SaaS) erhältlich.